Sahara international ventures NV

Is a worldwide operating investment firm focused on the development of (broadband) Internet businessesand data industry in upcoming markets. In Western markets, data- and telecommunication are widely incorporated in our daily lives and have become an integral part of the way we conduct business. It is our strong belief that in emerging markets, similar levels of maturity can be reached.


Know how and experience

Sahara has been founded by Dr. Paul Gelderloos in 2009 after having sold his telecom/internet company Scarlet to Belgacom NV. Scarlet was the first alternate telecom provider of mainland Europe, which started in 1992. Scarlet has navigated all technological developments and competitive environments to become the second largest telecom and Internet provider in the Benelux.


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Having witnessed the sequential development of the telecom industry in Europe, Sahara noted the exact same evolution in emerging markets all over the world. Especially Middle-East, Africa and South-America, having gained a very solid ground in the mobile industry, are now poised to take the next step towards broadband and data.



Sahara International Ventures NV (re)acquires 75% of Scarlet BV, which runs a state-of-the-art mobile broadband network in Curaçao, St. Maarten and Aruba.


Supervisory Board

“The Board is convinced that the data industry is the new and long-lasting wave, especially placing its mark now on emerging markets. With information technology in its current state, there is virtually no application or service which could not be significantly enhanced or optimized on the back of a solid data infrastructure. The mission of Sahara is to fully employ and exploit the newest data technology developments in emerging markets. Initially focussing on the MENA region, which is ripe of such opportunities, then also expanding towards Latin America, Africa and Asia.”