Selected markets have a low data and telecom penetration. A partnership can be achieved with local partners that have knowledge and expertise in the relevant market. Selected markets are characterised by a stable, political environment. Acquisition candidates should have a proven track-record, promising outlook to achieve profitable growth, a solid customer base and skilled management. Companies should operate at a profit or approach profitability

Paul Gelderloos, Chief Executive Officer

Target markets / business criteria


To fully reap the benefits of this new data technology wave, Sahara wants to focus on the following elements, which could be considered its Mission Statement:

1. Acquiring or building out data infrastructure. This could be in the form of participations in such companies, or investing in ventures which build out such infrastructures. This could be in the form of fibre-optic networks, WiMAX, data centers, cloud computing projects, application services, etc. Management should be able to play an active, influencing role.

2. Size, in terms of horizontal integration is deemed to be important. Different companies and organizations will be optimally integrated, even beyond different countries, so that maximum synergies could be gained, generating solid cashflows. Also any exit in terms of IPO or tradesale, will require substantial size.

3. On the back of the infrastructure, services would be offered at the highest level of operational efficiency. With the data industry developing as it does, there is almost no service provision which could not be enhanced or made more efficient or effective. Especially offers that are scalable are of interest. Such service provision generates ongoing and increasing cashflows.

4. Due to the vertical integration, maximum flexibility could be offered and services could be adapted seamlessly. Vertical integration also ensures maximum gross margin.

5. With a solid core of data infrastructure and high performace applications, an automatic geographical expansion will take place. This could be through acquisitions or greenfields.


Sahara International Ventures NV (re)acquires 75% of Scarlet BV, which runs a state-of-the-art mobile broadband network in Curaçao, St. Maarten and Aruba.


Supervisory Board

“Selected markets should demonstrate above average yearly economic growth. Gert Post, Chief Operations Officer”