Paul Gelderloos

Paul Gelderloos

Paul Gelderloos, Chief Executive Officer

Paul holds a Doctor’s Degree in Social Sciences from the University of Nijmegen and has published widely. Paul has worked in a number of educational and corporate settings in six countries. Engagements have varied from research projects in Europe and the US, to entrepreneurial responsibilities in third-world countries.

In 1992, Paul founded Scarlet and has led Scarlet through its various stages of development. Initially a reseller of voice services, he has developed Scarlet into a full-service telecom operator, owning and operating a 1,300 kilometres fiber-optic network and providing a wide range of services to both business and residential customers in Belgium and the Netherlands. Scarlet generated revenues of EUR 125 million when it was sold to Belgacom in 2008.

Since then he has been devoting his time to setting up Sahara International Ventures NV, Sahara Development and MENA Telecom Infrastructure Fund.